The proud heritage of Sanaatan culture is rich with its vedic roots in its multiple dimensions, such as literature, various sciences and arts, and philosophy. Our effort at Sanaatan Sansthan endeavors to build an all-compassing and properly categorized and validated digital platform; and ultimately a large physical complex (over 100 acre) to educate the global public about Sanaatan. Envision visiting the website and learning all about the various dimensions of Sanatan culture ! When the physical complex is operational, one can visit and stay to learn about aspects of Sanaatan through museums, sculpture, books, audio/videos, sound-light shows, educational and cultural facilities, etc.

Sanaatan Sansthan values all – physical, intellectual, social and financial – contributions to promote awareness and education of Sanaatan Culture and Civilization. Sanaatan Sansthan is engaged in creating specific projects to showcase History, Philosophy, Customs and Traditions, Arts and Sciences and Our Struggle for Survival. Sanaatan Sansthan invites you to wholeheartedly contribute to this cause.


Sanaatan Sansthan will keep track of all its finances and publish audited financial reports on its website. The board will have full visibility of all financial transactions. 

The Sansthan is a tax exempt organization in the USA. Our immediate need to have a Social Media Manager, a juior IT Staff and some fund for other misc. requirements . For these requirements, $25000 is needed in the short term. To donate, you can use either of the following methods :

  1. Zelle to:
  2. ACH to: Wells Fargo Account: Routing #: 121000248 and Account #: 8520291702
  3. PayPal:Donate Using PayPal
  4. To volunteer,please send mail to ""

Contributors/ Donors:

The Sanaatan Sansthan depends on all who donate their time, expertise, and money and thanks them all. To read full list go here.